Itenerary: Shira Route
Duriation: 8 Days
Activity: Kilimanjaro Climbing, Destination: Kilimanjaro

Shira Route 8 Days Kilimanjaro Climbing

The Shira route is another path that approaches Kilimanjaro from the west, and it is nearly identical to the Lemosho route. Shira was the original route and Lemosho is the improved variation while Lemosho starts at Londorossi gate and treks through the rain forest to Shira 1 Camp, the Shira route bypasses this walk by using a vehicle to transport climbers to morum barrier gate at 3720Mt, located near the Shira Ridge. On the first day on the mountain climbers begin their hike from 11,800 feet (3,600 m) and spend first night at the same elevation at Simba Camp. Then, the route merges with Lemosho and follows the southern circuit route. Although Shira is a varied and beautiful route, Lemosho is recommended over Shira due to the high altitude of Shira's starting point. It is possible that climbers will experience altitude related symptoms on the first day due to failed acclimatization. Climbers using Shira should be confident of their ability to acclimatize well.

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Day to Day Activity

Day 1

Lemosho is ideal for climbers seeking a more private hiking experience. Although the trail joins with the more popular Machame route on the third evening, the first three days on the mountain are relatively quiet with few other trekking groups on the trail. On the first day, arrive at Londorossi Gate at about 11am. Spend about an hour at the gate while Topi Adventure registers your climb while Support crews and guides make their final preparations.
Please note that the arrival time at the gate may vary depending on road conditions after registering at the gate, drive to the troy a picnic lunch before starting your trekking to Mti Mkubwa (Big Tree) via rain forests of Mt Kilimanjaro viewing trees and birds along the way. Arrive at the campsite in the late afternoon leisure for the rest of the day.
Londorossi Gate (2,250Mt to Mti Mkubwa Camp (2,750Mt.
Elevation Gain: 650 meters
Distance Km 7
Habitat Forest

Day 2

Your first breakfast on the mountain will take a place at 7:30Am before departing through end of forest on day two you have more moorland during your hiking.
This is the day that you will enjoy the greatest variety of Kilimanjaro's wildflowers, when the trail flattens out, you will have your first views of Kibo peak.
After lunch which will be save on your way to Shira Plateau, created when Kibo's lava flows filled up the Shira crater your day will end up at Shira 1 Campsite here you will relax for the rest of the day evening leisure dinner overnight.
Mti Mkubwa Camp (2,750Mt to Shira 1 Camp (3,505Mt Elevation. Gain 755Mt
Hiking 4-5Hrs
Distance 7Km

Day 3

After breakfast you begin with your day hiking with opportunity of acclimatization day that allows you to take a day hike to explore the Shira Plateau.
You will hike for a short while and gain just over 335meters in elevation look to the west at sunset and you may catch a glimpse of the twin eruptions from the craters of Ol Donyio Lengai (The Mountain of God), an active volcano 335 kilometers distant.
Shira I Camp (3,505Mt to Shira II Camp (3,840 meters) Elevation Gain: 335mt
Hiking 3-4Hrs.
Distance 10Km

Day 4

After breakfast depart to Barranco campsite this is up and downhill day ends with an elevation gain of only 110 meters, by early afternoon you will have climbed 690 meters to a height of 4600 meters before beginning your descent to Barranco Campsite.
This day is crucial for acclimatization. After breakfast, continue east on the Shira Plateau for two hours before reaching the junction for Shira and Lemosho Route and continue on through the barren landscape for another thirty minutes before stopping for lunch.
Shortly after lunch continue uphill to reach the highest point of the day before descending to Barranco campsite.
From the high point, spot Lava Tower, a 300-foot lava formation jutting out of the mountainside.
Optional detour via Lava Tower. The descent to Barranco Camp will take you through a valley which is home to many unusual plants including the Senecio of Mt Kilimanjaro.
Barranco campsite is considered to be the most scenic campsite on the route it is set in a canyon among forests of Senecio Kilimanjai beneath the Heim glacier.
From the campsite, enjoy magnificent views of Mount Meru, Heim Glacier, Kibo's southern face and the imposing Barranco wall during night you will have view of Moshi town.
Shira hut campsite (3,840Mt. to Barranco Camp (3,950Mt Elevation Gain: 650Mt.
Time 6-7Hrs.
Distance 11Km

Day 5

Depart after breakfast to Karanga valley the day begins with hour scramble up Barranco Wall. This is the hardest part of the day and in some places you may have to use your hands to pull your body up. After reaching the top, (4200Mt) hike through fairly level terrain before making a short but steep descent into greener Karanga River Valley and ascend to Karanga Camp is located on the ridge above the river valley.
Barranco Camp (3,950mt to Karanga3937Mt
Elevation Gain: 250Mt.
Distance 5Km
Time 4-5Hrs.

Day 6

Leisure breakfast before your day begin the hike to Barafu Campsite this is a relatively short climb but by no means easy.
On the way to Barafu campsite you have an opportunity to explore several views of Kibo's glaciers as well as the junction that connects the descent route Mweka with the Machame trail.
During this day, hike by the Heim Kersten and Decken Glaciers although the trail to Barafu passes through alpine desert with little vegetation there are stunning views of Kibo and Mawenzi peaks along the way.
Try to sleep or if you can’t sleep allow yourself to have a long rest as soon after you finish your light dinner as you will be awake before midnight for your summit ascent session.
Karanga Valley 3937Mt to Barafu Camp (4,600Mt.
Elevation Gain: 663 meters,
Time: 3-4Hrs.
Distance 4Hours.

Day 7

Right after the time change in to midnight summit session begin the final ascent to Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa on the free standing mountain all over around the world.
After begin with your hike to the summit in the next six hours hike by the light of your headlamp machame ascent to the crater rim is the most challenging part of the entire six-day trek.
This part of ascend is steep and slow step until you reach the crater rim at Stella Point the hiking from Stella Point to Uhuru Peak is a gradual climb and, as far as hikes go, not very difficult.
The altitude, however, makes it more challenging the crater rim hike takes approximately forty-five minutes. Upon reaching Uhuru where you will have opportunity of pictures session before your descent to base camp barafu campsite where your summit journey begins during the night.
Once you reach Bafu campsite you will be offered short rest following by brunch when you wake up, drink lots of tea to help your body before the descent to Mweka campsite where your last night on the mountain will be spend dinner overnight.
Barafu Camp (4,600Mt to Uhuru Peak (5,895Mt
Base Camp 4600Mt - Mweka Camp (3,100Mt.
Elevation Gain: 1,295 meters.
Elevation Loss: 2,795 meters.
Time from Mid night till you end your day at Mweka Campsite Including resting hrs on the Ascend and Descent 11-12Hrs.
Distance from Base Camp to Huhuru peak 5Km Descent from Summit to Base Campsite 5Km.
From Base campsite to Mweka campsite 11Km

Day 8

Your last breakfast on the mountain will be save at 7:30Am following by descent to Mweka Gate as this a easy descent because of the increment of Oxygen available make this descent relatively easy through the beautiful forest it can be cloud forest if there is no sunshine watch your step during the descent in a rainy season as the trail can be slippery.
Once you reach exit gate you will have to sign out before our driver meet you read to drive to a Hotel in moshi where you will enjoy your shower leisure overnight.
Mweka Camp (3,100Mt to Mweka Gate 1640Mt
Elevation Loss: 1,460Mt.
Time: 3-4Hrs
Distance 10Km.

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