Mount Kilimanjaro Menu

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Menu

Our menus are always improving and we always have new dishes being introduced accordingly. We can accommodate most special diet requests, just ask us (Before you are on the mountain, please.) What about have birthday or anniversary cakes during the climb! Come with us to experience the authentic nature with our local guide at their own celebration Christmas or New Year eve on the mountain.
Amazing Usambara Trekking and Safari Co.Ltd has an experienced mountain chefs who prepare delicious and palatable food for your health to aid your successful Mount Kilimanjaro summit.Considering that the human body develops a tendency of losing appetite in high altitude one should force him/herself to eat and drink as much as he/she can consume. Good food and plenty of drinking water are essential ingredients, both physically and psychologically, to make your climb rewarding.
Our mountain cuisine normally includes the following: Three healthy prepared meals a day that is (Breakfast, Picnic Lunch and Hot Dinner). We take special care to use quality ingredients to insure that your stomach is not disturbed. Specialty food like dried fruits, chocolates and cheeses. The cooler boxes keep our food in a fresh order throughout the trekking period.


Please find the list of menu items in our Kilimanjaro menu.


Fruit Juice,
Fruit, Cereal/Porridge,
Eggs bread/French-toast/Plain-toast/Pancakes,
Tea/Coffee/Drinking chocolate.
Boiled egg,
spinach omelet or fried egg with bread.


We recommends you to bring some of your own trail snacks to eat, especially for your summit night.


Lightweight and low-calorie is good, and energy or granola bars, chocolate, candy, cookies, crackers, nuts, and dried fruit are all popular choices. Be sure to choose things that you really like, because you’ll need extra incentive to keep eating if you find your appetite decreasing at high altitude. Adding drink crystals such as Gatorade, Crystal Light, or Tang to one of your water bottles may also encourage you to consume extra fluids, and they often taste especially delicious on a hard day of hiking!


Sliced carrot and cucumber stripes,
avocado slices,
boiled egg,
vegetable/meat cutlets,
sandwiches (Egg/ Cheese/Tomato/Tuna/Meat/Peanut butter), fruit.
Boiled egg,
salami sandwich,
French toast macaroni and meat sauce and bread.


Soup of the day,
mixed vegetables (carrot/french -beans/cabbage),
fruit salad,
fruit with custard,
tea/coffee/Milo/drinking chocolate.
Spaghetti with meat sauce or fish